Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Gracious Hello

After becoming a bit... shall we say, "tired", of my previous blogincarnation as Angry Homo, comes this kinder, gentler online version of myself.

Try to control your excitement.

This is not to say that I am no longer angry. Far from it. I seem to have gone beyond anger... a place that evidently lots of other people have gotten to, as well. Perusing the headlines on Reddit, for example, quite a few of the postings include some sort of language to the effect of "where's your anger?". A word to those who foolishly assume anger = engagement. Do not make that mistake - or do so at your peril.

My anger is still here, my darling boys and girls. Only now it has refined itself. Like Damascus Steel, my anger has been purified and honed to a very sharp edge; I no longer wield it in an attempt to slash all who come within its influence. Instead, it is a weapon which is only used when it may a) have the desired effect and b) not harm the wielder or those who are not the intended target. How freaking civilized is that, huh? My own little Prime Directive, as t'were.

Wow. That sounds a bit David Carridine in Kung-Fu even to me. Not to mention the fact that a fictional directive from a fictional universe invented by the man who married Majel Barrett found its way into this blog. Oy, gevalt.

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