Thursday, June 5, 2008


OK, another closet to come out of - I'm a total sci-fi geek. And, yes, I use "sci-fi". I'm old school. The youngsters use "sf", disdaining "sci-fi" as hopelessly Eisenhoweresque.

Fuck 'em.

Anyhoo, a thread over on Ravelry in the Battlestarknitters group (yes, knitters who like BSG - the geek coefficient is through the roof, my lovelies) asked a simple, open-ended question: What are your predictions for where the show will end up.

Some very serious scholarship and prognostication is on display in that thread. Then, there was my entry, which I will reproduce for you here in its entirety.

When the Fleet finally reaches Earth, they will find it completely depopulated except for the original Earth “7”.

1 - Gilligan
2 - Skipper
3 - The Millionaire
4 - His Wife
5 - The Movie Star
6 - The Professor
7 - Mary Anne

They will find that, like the space-based “7”, these models cannot interbreed. Although, 1 and 2 have a suspiciously close “buddy-buddy” relationship, 5 attempts to mate with anything that could possibly produce a movie, and 7 has a penchant for shorts and gingham off-the-shoulder halter-tops. 3 and 4, whilst loudly professing their undying affection for each other, spend most of their time subjugating the others. This “6”, meanwhile, shows no interest in sex or procreation whatsoever. Alternate universe, anyone? Anyone?

Unsurprisingly, the Earth “7” will be discovered just days shy of completing their own Battlestar constructed entirely of coconuts and bamboo.

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